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Junior Gymnastics


  • Mommy & Me, Preschool, Tiny Tot               30 min           $40 month

  • Intro, Pre-Beginner, Mini Tot                         45 min           $45 month

  • Beginner, Adv. Beginner, Intermediate        45 min           $45 month


Gymnastics classes are available for ages 8 & under

All classes require a $15 registration fee

 Private Lessons
    30 min   $25
  30 MIN Duo  $30

   45 min   $35
    1 hour    $45

Tuition is due by the 5th. A $15 late fee is applied after the 15th.


All Tumbling classes are 60 min.               $55 month

  • Beginner (no prior skills)                                         
  • Advanced Beginner (required skill- backbend)        
  • Intermediate (required skill- backwalkover) 
  • Advanced (required skill- backhandspring)
  • Elite (required skill- backtuck)
  • High School Squad Tumbling (ages 13-18)


* Tumbling Classes are available for ages 9 & up.

All classes require a $15 registration fee

Competitive Cheerleading


This is PCF's 12th year competing in All-Star Cheerleading.

 Prices for each team vary depending on ages and team placement and bundled classes. Please call Savannah for a more detailed price list for All-Star Cheer.


*Placements are in May, call to be evaluated today!

all classes require a $15 registration fee due upon sign-up

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